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Global Citizen Insurance plan from HTH Worldwide is a long term plan providing unlimited medical coverage to the new or recent immigrants and Green Card Holders in USA. This plan is an annually renewable plan which provides coverage for pre-existing conditions, maternity...
Global Citizen Insurance

Plan Details

  Claims(incurred inside US)
  Claims(incurred outside US)
  • US new immigrants or Green Card Holders who are 74 years or younger at the time of application are eligible to apply for coverage.
  • You may keep the plan up to the age of 84.
Plan Maximum
  • Lifetime maximum of US$5,000,000
  • Maximum benefit of $100,000 for medical evacuation.
  • Deductibles varies between US$0 and US$25,000.
Coverage for Maternity
  • 12-month waiting period.
  • After 12 months maternity rider may be ADDED on to the plan.
  • Must not be pregnant at the time of the maternity upgrade.
  • 100% coverage outside USA. 80% coverage inside USA and inside network. 60% inside USA and outside network.
Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions
  • There is a 180-day exclusionary period.
  • This may be waived if creditable coverage can be proved.
  • Look back period is 180 days.
  • UNLIMITED annual maximum benefit once covered.
  • UNLIMITED lifetime maximum benefit once covered.
  • Expenses incured within PPO: 80%
  • Expenses incured outside PPO: 60%
Preventive Care for Babies and Children
  • 100% coverage for office visits, examinations, immunizations, lab work, x-rays.
Adult Wellness
  • Unlimited policy maximum.
  • No waiting period.