Buy Global Medical Gold Insurance Online

This Insurance from International Medical Group is designed for immigrants to provide full major medical coverage for a limited period of time. During its first 3 years of coverage, Global Medical Gold Insurance for Green Card Holders provides comprehensive benefits after which some benefits and lifetime maximums will be reduced.

 Global Medical Gold Insurance for Florida Residents

Plan Life
  • Long Term
  • Annualy Renewable
Lifetime Maximum
  • $5,000,000 per individual
  • Individual: $250 to $10,000
  • Family: 3 times the individual deductible
Ideal for the following New Immigrants
  • Individuals or families living or working in US
  • Contract employees living and working in US
  • Seniors with dual residencies six months or longer outside the U.S.
Coverage for Children
  • The family premium will provide medical coverage for the first two children between 14 days and 9 years at no additional cost for the first year
Payment Modes
  • The premium can be paid according to your needs as follows:
    • Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly, Monthly
Optional Riders
  • Global Term Life Insurance: provides coverage for families following a traumatic loss and includes AD&D coverage at no extra costs.
  • Global Daily Indemnity: pays you the benefit amount required for overnight stay in the hospital(For ages 31 days-69 years: Principle sum=$100 per day)
  • Optional Maternity Rider: $50,000 lifetime maximum.