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Long Term Insurance

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Global Citizen Plan
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Underwriter HM Life Insurance Company
Policy Maximum $5,000,000 Per Life of Plan
Deductible US$0 and US$25,000.
Co-Insurance Inside USA: Plan pays 80% up to $15000 and 100% thereafter Outside USA & Canada: Plan pays 100%.
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In-Patient Hospital Benefits:

Hospital Room: $5 million
Intensive Care Unit: $5 million
In-Patient Surgery: $5 million

Out-Patient Benefits:

Doctor Office Visits: Inside the US: $30 copay per visit in network; Outside the US: $10 copay
RX Drugs: $5,000

Evacuation, Repatriation & AD &D Benefits:

Medical Evacuation: $100,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D): $50,000

Other Benefits:

Pre-existing Conditions: Pre-existing conditions can be covered after 6 months of continuous coverage (this period can be reduced or eliminated by prior creditable coverage)
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