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Senior Citizen Immigrant Overview

Immigrant insurance is designed for immigrants to cover their medical insurance till they are eligible to buy domestic health insurance in USA. Senior citizens or parents of new immigrants in the USA need insurance coverage and might also need special benefits for pre-existing condition. When immigrant insurance plans are renewed continuously, the coverage cannot exclude any medical ailments that started after the first purchase of the policy. This is one advantage of renewing a policy as opposed to buying a new insurance policy. In the event that immigrants have travelled to other countries for a short time and rebuy the immigrant insurance then all existing ailments will be considered as pre-existing.


Key features of senior’s immigrant insurance:

  • The coverage is available for parents who do not qualify for domestic health insurance in the USA.
  • Get free quotes completing a simple online application at American Immigrant Insurance website.
  • Most plans do not need medical underwriting.
  • The plans have long term renewable option of 2 years and up to 5 years.
  • There could be time limit or deadline to enroll for immigrant insurance after the arrival in America
  • Senior citizen immigrant health insurance is available up to 99 years.
  • Most of the immigrant insurance plans provide flexibility of monthly premium payment for parents.

Health Insurance for Immigrant Parents

Parents immigrating to the USA can buy medical insurance coverage before leaving their home country or even after arriving in the USA. There are many insurance companies offering medical insurance for immigrant parents in the USA.

Get free quotes at American Immigrant Insurance and understand the difference between the premium cost, deductible, renewal options, medical benefits… and choose to buy online. Compare senior citizen immigrant medical insurance quotes and make an informed decision.