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Clarification between visitor and immigrant insurance

Those who are traveling or coming to the USA can be classified based on the nature of their visit which in turn determines the type of insurance required for them. Broadly, there are two types of travellers to the USA
1. Visitors: These travelers are coming for vacation, or for a business trip or any purpose that will last for a short period.
2. Immigrants: This group of travelers are leaving their home country and joining the immigrant community in the USA and are going to live in America permanently.
The type of insurance plans designed for visitors is popularly called visitor travel insurance while those designed for immigrants is often referred to as immigrant medical insurance. The coverage of visitor insurance is designed for a short period stay and those who buy immigrant insurance will get a longer duration of coverage till they are eligible for domestic health insurance plans


US Immigrant Insurance for potential immigrants

Potential Immigrants holding H1B, H4 visas and green card holders in America are eligible for US immigrant medical insurance which can be purchased for long term. These plans give effective medical insurance coverage for immigrants till they are eligible to buy domestic health insurance plans in the USA. There are different types of benefits offered under immigrant insurance offered be different insurance companies. To understand the differences between coverage, immigrants can get free quotes and compare the plans before buying them. There is no paper work required to buy US immigrant insurance online. The website offers user friendly and customized get quote facility. Insurance customers can select the type of coverage as per their requirements by giving specific types of coverage while completing online application, For ex:

  • Do not need coverage for Preventive Care & Pre-existing conditions.
  • Need Coverage for Preventive Care & Pre-existing conditions without waiting period.
  • Need Coverage for Preventive Care & Pre-existing conditions with waiting period.

After choosing a plan the purchase service offered by American Immigrant Insurance helps customers to quickly complete premium payment using their credit card. To know more about US immigrant insurance speak to our experts at 877-340-7910.


Visitor travel insurance for international travelers

International travellers coming to America holding tourist/business or any visa permit which is given for a short period are considered as visitors. Generally, there are two types of visitor travel insurance plans known as fixed benefit and comprehensive benefit plans. Visitor insurance plans with fixed benefits are cheaper but with limited medical benefits whereas comprehensive are costlier but give broad based coverage up to the maximum sum assured. Visitors coming to America can buy these plans before leaving their home country or even after they have arrived in the USA. There are a few insurance companies who have a time limit for visitor insurance before which the plan has to be bought after the visitors arrival in America. These details are available on the plan brochures of visitor insurance. There is user friendly compare facility for travellers to evaluate visitor travel insurance plans and make an informed choice while buying.


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